Monday, September 21, 2009

Martial Arts Clip Art - Know Martial Arts First

Know Martial Arts First

People take martial arts for many reasons, but generally it is to learn the fight against the powers that may help cope with a brutal assault. But how effective martial arts?

Now do not get me wrong, I am strongly for people who learn martial arts, whatever discipline it may be. Whatever art you do or decide to do so, we hope you learn to punch effectively, perhaps kick effectively, get used to seeing punches headed your way, hopefully you challenge both physically and mentally. There are styles that will teach you how to lock the joints, control soil and lay people. How technology is useful and what is very "Hollywood" is up to you.

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This will probably be missing and is crucial is the awareness of skills, avoidance strategies, dealing with the pre-fight and especially to anticipate and address the effects of adrenaline rush.

With most people in traditional martial arts fighting the other people in the same style or discipline. This may be surprising to see how she is really a demonstration of technical superiority. However, in a situation of street violence can occur suddenly. There is no ring or a judge or a time to prepare mentally.

The situation on the street can bother you. The surface may be slippery or uneven, it may not bring up for an attack, it could be dark, your clothing could be restrictive and limit your movements. This is a million miles from your normal training environment where you may wear loose clothing and comfortable, you know the rules and limits.

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The martial arts on its own can contribute to improving the self esteem of a person to improve their confidence and help you take shape. Can it help you defend yourself in a situation of real street? Perhaps, but it might give you a better chance if your training involved effective defense techniques and strategies. It could also include training reality and how to cope with fear and adrenaline.

If your goal is self defense when there are other easier routes to this end. As the proverb says "the journey begins with a single step" make sure you go in the right direction.

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